Management/Booking: Ethan Tauber                            

Based in West Philadelphia, Swwik has carved out a niche in the diverse and thriving local music scene. The four-piece rock band excels at live improvisation and has a penchant for storytelling.They pull equal influences from the jam band scene as they do 80’s and 90’s pop music to create their unique rock fusion blend. Their honest songwriting, combined with a goofy sense of humor and love of cats, sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Swwik came to life inside the walls of the Ardmore Music Hall, an independent music venue located in the Philadelphia Main Line. Inspired by the constant presence of live music, AMH employees Joseph Pasternack and Ethan Tauber discovered a songwriting chemistry that laid the groundwork for what Swwik would become. The duo, who both play guitar and sing, recruited AMH sound engineer Ed Moman and his then roommate Benjamin Kutner-Duff for keys/bass and drums respectively. After a few jam sessions, they realized that they had an innate collaborative spirit and could bring out the best in each others’ abilities. They recorded an EP in 2018 that showcases an energetic but raw introduction to the music scene and are currently in the studio working to release new material.

Drawing equal comparisons to Ween's humorous take on rock & roll and the sonic exploration of the Psychedelic-flavored bands of the 60’s and 70’s, Swwik is more of a rock band that jams than a rock influenced jam band. At the heart of Swwik's sound is the “anything goes” approach to songwriting and a refusal to be confined by genre. The dual lead guitar work of Joseph Pasternack and Ethan Tauber effortlessly weaves through the complex yet accessible rhythm section anchored in place by Ed Moman and Benjamin Kutner-Duff, crafting catchy songs that are focused on story arc and structure but leave plenty of room for improvisation.

Swwik has regularly performed throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas at venues such as The Ardmore Music Hall, Bourbon & Branch, Sprout Music Collective, The Barbary, Khyber Pass, Silk City, Kung Fu Necktie, and 118 North. No stranger to the festival circuit, Swwik performed at three consecutive “Threestival” festivals in Northumberland Pennsylvania during 2017 and 2018, as well as the inaugural Hoedown on the Lowdown in 2018. They have also toured regionally: DC, MD, NJ, DE, and all over PA. Their energetic live shows run the gamut of 4 minute infectious rockers and dance numbers to 17 minute-plus sonic adventures, weaving knockout original material with unpredictable covers. Their ever-evolving sound influences their eclectic setlist, and promises any concertgoer a different experience each time.